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Forming the Future of MLOps

Featureform is dedicated to transforming how machine learning teams interact with data.

Founding Story

In January 2021, Simba teamed up with Shabnam Mokhtarani, one of the first fifty members at Slack, to establish Featureform. Their initiative was supported by a $2.3M pre-seed investment led by Zetta Venture Partners in the same month. Together, they aim to fundamentally change how machine learning teams work with data.

Featureform’s inception begins with our founder, Simba Khadder, at his prior startup, Triton. He and his team developed a personalization engine and predictive analytics system for over 100M monthly active users. They built a comprehensive MLOps platform to support his team's needs, and at the center of it lived the most valuable piece, the feature store. Seeing its wider application and a gap in the market, he decided to open-source it.


Our Mission

Featureform is dedicated to transforming how machine learning teams interact with data. Grounded in the experiences of our founder, Simba Khadder, we recognize the intricacies and challenges faced by ML teams in iterating on, deploying, and managing model features.

Our core mission is to build a feature store that streamlines these processes, making them seamless and intuitive.

We envision a landscape where the complexities of feature engineering and deployment are a thing of the past, and ML teams can focus on what truly matters: building better models. With the support of our partners, customers, and the community, we aim to redefine the standards of ML workflows for the betterment of the entire industry.

Are You Ready to Form the Future of MLOps?

The greatest factor in Featureform’s success is our team. If you’re a software engineer with the curiosity and drive to shape the future of MLOps, let’s talk.

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