The big idea

Machine Learning teams and organizations are cobbled together with ad-hoc processes. In traditional software development, DevOps enables teams to grow effectively and to achieve compounding value at scale. DevOps provides us a best practice workflow with CI/CD, version control, service-oriented architectures, and more. Machine learning teams need a deliberate and industry-hardened workflow. ML needs MLOps.

At Featureform, we're creating workflow tools, not data infrastructure. We provide a clean and configurable workflow for ML teams, and enable ML resources to be leveraged across orgs. We standardize and accelerate the machine learning process!

Where we’re coming from

A photo of Simba Khadder
Simba Khadder
CEO & Founder, Featureform

After helping build Google's Cloud Datastore, Simba Khadder leaves his day job in pursuit of curiosity and his entrepreneurial spark. He co-founds Triton, a media personalization and analytics platform for subscription services.

Triton becomes a graduate of the Berkeley Skydeck Accelerator program.


Within two years, Triton is handling all of the event data for over 100 million monthly active users.

It becomes clear that Triton's highest ROI activity is feature engineering.

There's a problem: getting features from testing to production is taking months. Simba's solution takes the form of a feature store: a unified interface to define, manage, and share ML model features.

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Efficiency skyrockets. Impressed customer data teams began asking how Triton is able to iterate so quickly.

Simba realizes the enormous potential of his concept. Though Triton is profitable, and growing at a healthy clip, the potential impact of its feature store solution is incalculable. When his co-founder sets off to become Head of Product at Wikipedia, Simba embarks on his next entrepreneurial journey, building the future of ML Ops.

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Featureform is born.

We're here to build workflows, not more infrastructure.

"I joined Slack when there were just 50 people. I experienced unprecedented hypergrowth and immersed myself in a culture of excellence that made Slack’s success possible. I looked for that again when I was ready for my next journey. I met countless founders and early stage employees attempting to recreate that kind of magic, but something was always missing. With Featureform, I’ve found the rare combination of the right people, doing the right thing in a way that will scale effectively in the burgeoning MLOps industry. That’s why I joined Featureform."

— Shabnam Mokhtarani

Meet the team in our San Francisco office.

The greatest factor in Featureform’s success is our team. If you’re a software engineer with the curiosity and drive to shape the future of MLOps, let’s talk.