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A Feature Platform Built for Enterprise

Featureform Enterprise offers real-time streaming data support, robust governance controls, and dedicated support from our team. Regardless of whether you operate on-premise or require strict compliance measures, Featureform empowers ML teams to define, manage, and deploy their model features with agility and confidence.

Access Control and Governance

Ensure data integrity and regulatory compliance effortlessly, while seamlessly tracking data lineage, preserving data quality, and proactively mitigating bias and privacy risks. Our cutting-edge governance features safeguard sensitive information, including personally identifiable data, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches, all while maintaining comprehensive audit logs for your peace of mind.

Streaming Support

Keep models responsive to changing trends, enhancing their accuracy and relevance. With streaming data, you can swiftly adapt to emerging opportunities, detect anomalies, and provide personalized experiences.

Deployment & Implementation Support

Our deployment model ensures that our solution is seamlessly integrated into your cloud or on-premise environment, giving you complete control. What sets us apart is our commitment to adaptability; our architecture is designed to accommodate diverse requirements and to seamlessly configure with your existing data infrastructure and processes. We are committed to comprehensive support to tailor our services to your unique needs, putting you in the driver's seat of your MLOps journey.

Custom Integrations

Featureform’s plug-in architecture will seamlessly integrate into your existing tooling, including data infrastructure, identify providers, and monitoring tools. If you have a custom provider or configuration that isn’t in our open-source product, we can build it for you. Drop us a line in the Featureform community or open an issue on github.

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