V0.7 release

Announcing Featureform 0.7!

Simba Khadder
April 3, 2023

The team has been hard at work to get out v0.7 of Featureform! This includes a whole new API to define features, labels, and entities based on tons of users feedback. It wouldn't have been possible without you all. It also includes on-demand features which allows users to transform data they receive at serving time. This opens a wide variety of computer vision and NLP (including embeddings) oriented workflows.

We also want to give a big shout out to our community members and our customers for their ongoing support and feedback. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on v0.7. Feel free to drop us a line in our Slack community.

Define Feature and Labels with an ORM-style Syntax

Featureform has added a new way to define entities, features, and labels. This new API, which takes inspiration from Python ORMs, makes it easier for data scientists to define and manage their features and labels in code.


New ORM-inspired API, check out the class User with the @ff.entity decorator

You can read more in the docs.

Compute features at serving time with on-demand features

A highly requested feature was to feature-ize incoming data at serving time. For example, you may have an on-demand feature that turns a user comment into an embedding, or one that processes an incoming image.

On-demand feature that turns a comment to an embedding at serving time

You can learn more in the docs

Attach tags & keyed values to features, labels, and training sets.

All features, labels, transformations, and training sets now have a tags and properties argument. properties is a dict and tags is a list.

You can read more in the docs.

Transformation and training set caching in local mode.

Featureform has a local mode that allows users to define, manage, and serve their features when working locally off their laptop. It doesn’t require anything to be deployed. It would historically re-generate training sets and features on each run, but with 0.7, we cache results by default to decrease iteration time.

A cleaner (and more colorful) CLI flow!

New CLI running featureform apply with colors


Interested in learning more about v0.7 of Featureform or looking for access control and governance capabilities? Book a demo of the Featureform platform here!

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